Youth Day 12.03.2021

Juvenile Detention Center Lusaka

Juveniles in Detention.

As a special dedication to Youth Day in Zambia, Ukupela teamed up with Undikumbukire Project Zambia (UP Zambia), which is a “Zambian human rights organization focused on juveniles in conflict with the law. They help imprisoned juveniles obtain legal representation and social support, and advocate for a more restorative justice system”.

Please look at their work and more information here:

The items Team Ukupela Zambia was able to buy are with big thanks to your donations.

Based on a list of substantial items that was provided by a contact person on-site, we are glad to have played, but even a small role, for they are truly not forgotten.

Knowing that many/majority of the juveniles cannot pay for lawyers to defend them in court or work on their cases is sad, to say the least.

Some juveniles go a long period of time without visitation from loved ones.

Also, once the children are finally released, help is needed to get them back on track with their lives outside of detention.

There is a lot of work here. Some inmates and also officers on the inside try to protect and care for the children, so once the items are brought over, they are confirmed to be in safe hands.

We appreciate UP Zambia for their initiative and look forward to collaborating once again in near future on a larger scale.

March 12th is recognized as a public holiday in Zambia, set aside to celebrate the Youth of the land in different ways.

Each year, the ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development comes up with a theme that best suits governments focus on activities that concern or affect the youth. This year was no different, and the theme for the year is “Enhancing National Development through youth partnership.”

This commemoration of youth day must not be confused with the United Nations International Youth day which falls on August 12th annually and is celebrated in numerous countries worldwide.

In 1962, Zambia (then called Northern Rhodesia) was in turmoil as the struggle for independence was being met by colonial resistance. The British allegedly hatched a plot to kill the leaders of the two main political parties and pin the blame on the opposing parties.

On March 12th, 1962, after an attempt to kill one of the leaders failed, a rally was called in Chimwemwe to expose the plot. This led to the youth rioting in the streets, throwing stones and rocks at the police, who returned fire with live ammunition killing protesters. The efforts of the youths distracted the authorities and allowed the rally to go ahead.

At the rally, the politicians promised that after Independence, the events of the day would be commemorated as Youth Day.

Zambia gained its independence in 1964 and Youth Day was made a public holiday in 1966.