Liteta District Hospital

Liteta District Hospital, located in Zambia, has gained recognition for its specialised care of patients involved in road accidents along the highway, and for being one of the limited medical institutions addressing Leprosy.

Ukupela Foundation, our organisation, is dedicated to addressing the issues of poverty and lack of education affecting children and youth in Zambia. Our mission is to promote and raise awareness of the importance of children’s welfare and development in the country, with one particular focus on improving access to healthcare services for children and empowering their parents. The health sector, among other sectors, plays a vital role in enhancing the well-being of children and their families.

Through our supporters’ generous donations, we have contributed to the children’s ward at Liteta District Hospital by providing new mattresses and cabinets. We helped repair the bathtub and painted it, as well as the walls of the ward. 

One of the significant challenges faced by the hospital, was the lack of running water in the children’s ward due to clogged pipes. This posed a threat to hygiene and increased the risk of spreading diseases. This challenge raised concerns about patients’ ability to wash their hands, take baths, and access drinking water.

In addition, the poor condition of the floor, roof, and isolation corner for COVID-19 patients indicated general neglect of the building. Fortunately, Mr Nkonde was made aware of the situation and generously took action to address it. Thanks to his kind-hearted intervention, the children’s ward has undergone a complete renovation.

The improvements include a new reception area for nurses, fully functioning toilets, and most importantly, running water. 

Additionally, a kitchen area has been added to the ward to prepare and store food for the children. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors who have generously contributed to our cause. Their donations have significantly impacted the district’s society, improving the comfort and quality of care for child patients at the hospital. 

Furthermore, the staff’s morale has also improved with the renovation, which is crucial in maintaining a positive working environment.

The day of the opening was an emotional event. The children’s ward had been closed during renovations which led to an emotional opening day. 

Mrs Florence Gasse, who was present on behalf of Ukupela said that the feeling of gratitude was immense. 

She organised a choir, there was an MC, hospital officials were present and parents of the children from the community. 

We plan on involving the press and government officials the next time. Liteta Hospital is a government hospital and needs attention from not only the government but also the community. 

Isolation Corner
Spray Painting of Cot beds
Renovations and Painted Walls