Child Care and Adoption Society of Zambia is an organization/orphanage which deals with neglected, rejected and often sexually and physically abused children in Zambia, as well as underpriviledged vulnerable children with diverse problems.

The orphanage has received children who had been found in latrines, missing children, children who ran away (escaped) from their homes or who are unable to find their way back home, just to name a few cases of overlooked children.

Child Care Adoption is the only organization who facilitates in the country under Hague convention. They were established by in 1956. The Chilenje Transient home opened in 1979 and has not ever closed since then and have remained true to their mandate.

The home has electricity and running water, by which the water tank and bore hole was donated by a fellow Dutch Organization.

The home is involved in raising awareness towards missing children, through collaboration with police and the press in order for parents to find their youngsters who land at the orphanage.

Despite the availability of electricity and water supply, the home is still in need of funding for children heading to secondary school. Sponsors and Godparents are always an obligation

Ukupela’s first visit to the home was in January 2014. Getting in touch with the chief child care officer Mrs. Kapilikisha informed us on what basic kitchen foodstuffs were needed. Long lasting groceries such as maize meal, rice, sugar, cooking oil etc. was provided for the home as well as trays of eggs donated by Mrs. Faith Chilimas chicken run Lusaka. Caroline Gasse (Team Ukupela) personally visited the home and handed over the donations, toured the home and shortly spent some time with the children. 

In midyear 2015, Ukupela donated a parcel from Germany with school material such as geometry tools, erasers, pencils, coloured pencils, colouring books. The package included hand sanitizer, childrens plasters and thermometers.

On Christmas 2016, Ukupela Foundation was able to hand over a very generous Parcel of children’s toys and clothes donated by from Mrs. Dhilani Kazmareck from Germany. She handed us items that she had kept for a long time to share with someone trustworthy and meaningful.

Mrs. Zimba (Team Ukupela) was able to organize some space in a container for us to deliver the large boxes without any cost whatsoever from Germany to Zambia. Tissah Kombe (Team Ukupela) personally transported items just in time for Christmas to the Chilenje Transiet Home.

In 2018 Mrs. Gasse and Mrs. Dorothy Kombe visited the home again with a donations box that had been sent the previous year. The children were all looking well and the mothers continue to support them and hold up the home. Any donation or care package is welcome.


If you wish to send a donation with supplies for the kids, you can send a Box to:


Child Care&Adoption Society of Zambia

Chilenje Transient Home

P.O. Box 50313 

Lusaka Zambia


Tel . :  +26 0979 994651